Free Resilience Webinar Mini Series


We’re in a period of deep uncertainty, with still-raw memories of the pandemic and the continued spectre of political and economic turmoil, not to mention a winter of strikes, supply chain issues, energy outages and more.  

The Food Marketing Experts has teamed up with resilience specialists, Impact Resilience to bring you a series of FREE webinars designed to help you tackle the challenges of running a business during these turbulent times.

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Webinar 1 - Our Resilience: Behind The Scenes at Warner’s Gin

Join Tom Warner CEO of Warner’s Distillery

Our very own Vhari Russell from The Food Marketing Experts speaks to Tom Warner from gin brand, Warner’s for a behind-the-scenes look at what he is doing and planning at the moment to secure the resilience of the distillery.

Key Outcome: An insight into how an established industry leader is addressing the challenges of the current situation to provide an opportunity to see how this could be applied to your own business


Webinar 2 - Our Risk: 5 Resilience Tips For Making Our Businesses Safer

Join Rob Shand Chief Resilience Officer from Impact Resilience

In the world that we now live in, threat and disruption is a's just a matter of 'when'?  Rob’s background as a fast jet pilot brought him within seconds of a life-threatening event when he was forced to eject from a burning jet.  Years and years of resilience training went into ensuring that he knew exactly what to do when ‘that’ exact moment came.   

In this webinar, we’re going to ask him to share five things that we can do right now to make our businesses safer and more resilient.

Key Outcome: Access to five top tips from an important industry leader who has direct experience of making the right decisions in the face of adversity


Webinar 3 - Our Resilient Teams: Building Strength and Readiness In Our Teams

With a people crisis on our hands, Wendy Shand, entrepreneur and impact-led people strategist joins seasoned recruiter, Andy Fitzmaurice, specialist food and fresh produce recruiter and CEO of MorePeople, to have an open conversation about this tricky topic.   

How should we go about finding and retaining great people and how do we make sure that we have enough people to keep the wheels turning?  

In this lively webinar, Wendy and Andy will discuss the structural issues in today’s food industry that, leave businesses in an arms race for the top talent.  We’ll be hearing about the trends that Andy has spotted in the market and what is driving candidates’ decision-making, as well as identifying five actions that will help solve these challenges. 


Webinar 4 - Our Mental Resilience: Keeping it together

Join Nikki J. Owen, Transformational Expert and founder of The Healing Hub

No discussion on resilience is complete without a look at our personal mental wellbeing and that of our teams, so we are delighted to welcome Nikki J. Owen, Transformational Expert and founder of The Healing Hub to help us out.  

At 18, Nikki was facing life in Holloway Prison after attempting to burn down her family home and was labelled a ‘maniacal psychopath’.  Her case made legal history at The Old Bailey when she was sensationally freed against all odds.

Since then she has committed her life to understanding rapid, human transformation.  Her approach to mental wellbeing, stress and resilience is refreshing, quirky and not what you expect, so tune in to hear her thoughts on the matter.

Key Outcome: Access to at least five actionable steps to instantly improve mental resilience for both you and your team

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