Christmas Planning

July is just around the corner. Which means one thing. It’s time to think about your Christmas marketing!

Christmas represents a major selling window for food and drink brands – both in terms of the gifting opportunity but also as part of the general frenzy of festive entertaining.

What assets do you need to realise your Christmas sales aspirations?


  • Appetising photography which makes your product sparkle is vital.
  • Video content to encourage engagement and interaction with your target audience is key.
  • Seasonal recipe development to inspire customers to create delicious new festive dishes helps stimulate trial.


Too expensive?
Think again.


The Food Marketing Experts has put together a special Christmas marketing package designed to help your products jump off the shelves in the run-up to the big day.

One-day studio photoshoot

Average of 12-20 shots dependent on products & styling required. Includes stylist / food prep £850

Video production

Time lapse / ‘how to’ featuring hands only, filmed in wide screen and edited into vertical format as well £800 per video

Recipe development

One day generates three recipes –  tested three times, on creation, first check and further test undertaken by a non-chef prior to sign off £650

Serving suggestions / food pairing

One day generates six suggestions £650

Photography and video production undertaken by highly experienced food professional (chef / TV presenter / author / former restaurant owner).

Make this Christmas your best ever.

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