As we are in full Christmas swing the adverts are coming thick and fast and whether its Carrots, Christmas PJ’s or foodie favorites we have had a look at them all.



This is a fun advert that evokes all those childhood memories of the school plays, both as a child and as a parent. It taps into the message of family time and giving time and love to your family. It is definitely a feel-good ad, but will it make you feel warm and fuzzy as you are dashing around doing the Christmas shop? I am not sure, but it’ s a nice festive advert nonetheless.



Aldi have done it again! A clever advert carefully designed to be very familiar and launched before the big red lorry pulls into town selling a well-known drink. It’s great to see veg being characters and fun ones. This year the adverts are being backed up by characters and gifting ranges in much the same way as John Lewis have in the past. Will it get us all eating more veg, I am not so sure.



For Lidl this year it is all about making a Lidl special with the focus on the food and fun and interesting dining experiences. The adverts reinforce the great products they have on offer for us to enjoy over the festive season.



Tesco advert showcases how every family does Christmas a bit different, and reinforces the message that anything goes! It is not the most exciting or fun of adverts but conveys a strong message that Tesco is for everyone and they can supply food for however you do Christmas.


John Lewis & Partners

A lovely advert that conveys the gifts you give may go on to help your Children further and create the career. It is great to hear that Elton John gave his fee to charity, but it felt a little like an Elton John advert to coincide with next year’s movie and tour!  It is a lovely advert, but not our favorite John Lewis advert, for us previous years have conveyed a stronger and better supported message.


Waitrose & Partners

These adverts have a cheeky fun side to them, but they also have a missed opportunity as it feels like Waitrose are saying forget family time just dash off for the food! This is not the strongest advert Waitrose have created and for us lacked the family, together focus they have previously advocated.



This is a very clever advert to get the message across, it seems a shame that it has been banned from our screens. Consumers and the industry need to understand the ramification of food choices. This is a beautifully created carton with cleaver messaging to make you stop and think.


The ASDA advert is all about bringing Christmas home, from the PJ’s to food, ASDA has it all. It’s a fun and bright advert showing how helpful ASDA can be in getting you festive ready.


M & S

M & S Christmas Favourite

M & S have made Christmas all about your M & S favourites – a nice way of engaging with consumers and getting feedback on the products. Previous years have offered more engaging campaigns but this is a fun series of adverts, that spans across all sectors of the business.



This MacDonald’s advert is about Father Christmas and his busy night. Who thought that a global fast food chain would make their advert all about carrots? Congratulations on selling healthy products through your adverts.



This is a wonderful advert that supports the high street and the independents. It’s a lovely festive advert showing community support and the variety of what we can buy on the high street.