During the much documented ‘final Brexit’, business owners will need to keep their commercial operations fit to face the challenges of the potentially uncertain economic climate.

However, while some companies may be considering cutting back on marketing support at a time when trading conditions and sales are less likely to predict, this is in reality precisely the period when marketing programmes should be maintained.

A withdrawal of all marketing activity will cost your business dearly. Marketing comprises a drip feed of messages using a variety of communication vehicles.  It might be possible to turn the pressure down but it is still important to maintain awareness levels so that when the business climate begins to perk up, you are able to simply crank up the volume.  If you choose to opt out of all marketing “noise” and hope to reactivate your marketing campaign following a void of silence, you could be in for a real challenge.

One of the most influential – and cost-effective – marketing tools to consider during these times is PR.  PR offers your business an affordable means of maintaining a presence but with the added kudos of implied editorial or opinion former endorsement.  So when a consumer or trade prospect, stumbles across your product/service via a recommendation from a journalist or key thought leader, the credibility of the message is much stronger.  This is especially relevant during a period when the decision to buy is further hindered by the uncertainty of the current economy – third-party recommendation plays an even more vital role in the decision making process. Unlike advertising, PR can be employed cost-effectively to hit a number of different targets.  Whereas creating a new ad for a variety of publications will incur additional costs in advertising, in PR terms, the tailoring of a news release to cater for a number of different sectors will be relatively inexpensive.

But perhaps one of the most persuasive arguments to continuing to invest in PR lies its undisputed ability to help build your company’s / brand’s reputation.  Whilst a reputation can be shattered in a matter of minutes if a crisis occurs and is not handled responsibly, establishing a company/brand’s good reputation only happens over a period of time. Maintaining the building blocks that are vital to the construction of your company/brand’s future reputation is essential.