Vhari Russell, Managing Director shares her story with us:

With so many national days to celebrate in the calendar, we have to pick and choose which ones to support and talk about. National Tell a Story Day is one we all like to get behind. Why? Probably because we all have small children and associate the day with those magical moments where our little ones are engrossed in a book, feeding their imagination. We’re celebrating it in a slightly different way today though. We wanted to give Vhari Russell, our Managing Director, her time in the limelight and share her story about what inspired her to start The Food Marketing Experts. Here, she tells all…..

“After 15 years of working in the food industry I wanted to create my own business with the goal of helping other businesses grow, reach new markets and thrive. I am a mum of three daughters so I wanted a job that would enable me to look after them and give them a role model. I started The Food Marketing Experts when my youngest daughter was 9 months old and a year later my husband was deployed to Afghanistan for 7 months, so I had to quickly adapt and strike a work life balance.

I have always had strong role models in my life, my mum and dad had a great work ethic. My dad passed away 15 years ago and his advice is often in my head encouraging me – work hard and you’ll reap the reward, and business always comes from where you least expect it. In 2018 I lost my brother age 37 to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. He had just been commissioned to build a bench for a Chelsea Flower Show garden, which would have been a huge turning point for his business. As he is sadly no longer here I have tasked myself with making my business more successful in his memory.”

When I started The Food Marketing Experts my focus was on enjoying what I was doing, but more importantly, earning enough money to pay the bills. This was quickly achieved. The goals moved to year on year growth, then increasing our client base in particular product areas and growing the services we offer. Now, with a team of 12 specialised marketeers, we are a full service agency, making us a one stop shop for everything marketing.”

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