• What was the catalyst for you starting Delishops?

Because small business need to complete on an even playing field. I wanted to create a platform on which farm shops, delis and independent retailers could source and purchase delicious products that would keep their customers coming back.  It is a very modern and innovative way in which to source new products, Delishops is effectively the Google for sourcing food for retailers.

  • Where did you get the idea from? What was the inspiration for this new platform? 

Having run a deli I understood how hard it was to get out and find new and exciting products. I wanted to create a new wholesale platform that would enable retailers to buy from the comfort of their shop.   The inspiration is to cut costs for the producers and ease their route to market. We are amending the catalogue on a daily basis, it is the most modern wholesaler possible. 

We are a community enabling quick producer to retailer feedback through our community platform. We also enable our producers to add new products quickly and easily along with promotions and resources to support the retailers with content to support their brands on social media and help drive customer instore.   

  • What are the benefits for buyers and producers to get involved with the platform? 

Buyers get to meet the producer face to face any day of the year, whenever suits them. Buyers can source new products any day any time to suit them.  The Delishops team are continually sourcing food and non-food products to enable the retailer to always have something new to talk about.  There is no need to leave your desk especially important in COVID land.  We have built in extensive search tags to enable easy research. Supply more inform than any other wholesaler.  Ordering though Delishops keeps your orders, buying info and invoices all in one place. 

  • What has been the response to date to Delishops both from producers and buyers? 

It is a lifeline to producers who have lost all the key trade show and consumer events in 2020. 

Buyers – they love that it is not a hard sell, it is increasing choice, about the producers and products buyers can select to make their stores unique.  They are delighted we are on their side, we are here to educate and a helping pair of hands. People learn with us on their own terms and can choose to learn about which producers interest them. 

We are place people search first to find out the best new food and non-food products for the Independent retail sector. 

  • Tell me about your recent collaboration with Speciality & Fine Food Fair? 

The most satisfying thing I have done in years. The need to keep the intimacy of people connecting and people buying form people is at the heart of our businesses. The event with Speciality & Fine Food Fair enabled this to happen, we have been overwhelmed by the response so far, with orders placed with hours of the presentations being completed. We showcased 38 producers to over 285 buyers and the feedback from both buyers and producers have been extremely positive. 

  • Are there any further incentives in the pipeline?

Our job is to supply as many routes to market as we can for the producers, and we are here to help the retailers to increase sales. More news on what we are up to soon! 

  • What are your predictions for Delishop / farm shop sector for the next 6 months?

Being online is going to change our sector – both the way we buy and the way we sell – very fast.  The mantra of being “experiential” is going to go online too, as more delis and farm shops offer online tasting, learning and social experiences in food. The hum of the markets will transfer online as people curate their favourite producers into personal farmers and town markets, boosting support for local and small producers.  Delishops will be at the heart of that as we integrate community and buying spaces just like the markets have for generations, just doing it online.