Over the last decade, social media has come to the forefront in helping businesses promote themselves to a huge network of people and potential clients. It is now apparent, more than ever, how important it is for your company to be active across all social media platforms.


Building a community

For business start-ups, social media is a perfect way to promote your service and build up your own community. By sharing your product, you can really push your incredible new brand visually, gain recognition, and by using the right language, you can interact directly with potential buyers who will follow you and gain trust. This then creates your own small community that you feedback into regularly.



It is hugely important to make sure all your content is clear, concise and thought out. You probably see people post casual messages about what they are doing, but every post they do will have some kind of aim. That could be to advertise something, to make people feel more connected to them, to make the viewer want to follow more because of the incredible imagery and photography.

You can team up with other companies to create competitions that in turn spread your reach even further across their followers and your own, helping you both out. This content really helps show the worth of social media, not only is it all free to use, but by using your own product, and someone else’s, you can gradually cast that net further and further.

When creating your social media accounts, a lot of thought should go into how you will be represented through your branding, for example on Twitter you have a header and a small profile picture. The Twitter profile picture is so small that you need to make sure your logo sits well within that, a highly detailed logo will get lost, and therefore straight away your brand is not having the impact you want.

Instagram is still regarded as the newbie of the social media world, but it has shown its worth over the last few years. When building up your Instagram account, you need to consider why people may follow you, what will they gain from it? New beautiful visuals? An inspiring lifestyle? Interiors they want to imagine being in? Regular information and facts? People are hooked on a strong grid.


This phrase is now everywhere, the influencers. Well, these are people who have a huge social engagement across their social media platforms.

They have spent a long time working towards this in their own field, they will then be asked to write posts, review items, or wear clothes for certain businesses, to in turn help those businesses gain more recognition.

These days the majority of influencers will not do anything for free, it has become a full-time profession, and you can’t expect people to work for free. Although there may be ways of interacting with them, making them aware of your product, it could be something that is useful to them, and therefore they may be more keen to try it out!



One thing that people will regularly comment on, regarding social media, is the personal touch that you can give to your followers. You can instantly reply, comment or like anything they might interact with, this again brings trust between you and makes the viewer more likely to want to buy from you. Keep things casual, make them aware of your story, have fun!


We can not ignore the impact social media has on the modern day business landscape. So, if you need help building your social media accounts, generating content and creating meaningful interactions with followers, get in touch today.