3 Ways to get exhibition ready in 2022


Exhibitions are back in business, face-to-face. 2022 is all about getting your products in front of your key audiences and possible trade partners.  And what about all that networking – we can’t wait!

Here are three ways in which you can get on top of things quickly and be ready for any shows this year.


  1.   Set business objectives: determine why you are attending and what you want to get out of the event. Is this the right event to launch a product, gain brand awareness or widen your database and network? Whatever your objective, make sure attendance at the show is the optimum route to achieving your goals.


  1.     Allocate a budget, then book your place. Allocating a budget ensures you create boundaries and focus on ROI. Costs can mount up if you are not clear on what you have to spend.  It also helps you and your team get the most out of the event. Please remember that any show budget should take into consideration the need to invest in making your presence at the event known, simply allocating funds to cover the stand space alone will not deliver a successful outcome.


  1.     Download THE SHOW READY GUIDE we have created for you. The most comprehensive checklist you’ll ever need, the SHOW READY GUIDE covers everything you could possibly need to think about and consider when planning for an exhibition or any type of trade show.  From booking, paperwork, pre-show activity to maximise your chances of success,  a three-month countdown right through to post-show evaluation, this is a must have for anyone planning to exhibit  in 2022.
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            Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Start with the SHOW READY GUIDE to get your show on the road to success.