What does Covid 19 mean to me………

I, like many all over the world, am trying to adjust to what social isolation means, along with homeschooling three daughters. I wake up each morning feeling positive and today we will achieve X Y and Z, but that is easier said than done and some days are better than others, and that is okay.

For me personally, the hardest part has been feeling isolated, not seeing colleagues, friends and family. Normally we can think of solutions and ways of helping the foodie community of which I am part of. My colleagues and I have had many chats via Zoom about what we can do to support our clients and Grub Clubbers. We have been thinking outside the box, making plans and realigning goals with clients who were due to be launching this week. 

Our role as an agency is to support our clients, and to be creative, more now than ever before! There is still so much to do, this chapter will end, and the high streets and our industry will be different, but stronger and even more resilient. We need to ensure that we are ready and that we are communicating to our customers to keep them engaged in the brands we have created. 


We are working on a number of new and exciting opportunities to help get products into wider and new markets, so please stay in touch, keep smiling and remember the little things that make you smile are even more important now than ever. 

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the sunshine, the time with your loved ones in person or virtually and stay safe and well.